An Exhibition

1st November 2019
Small World, an explanation…
The little things in life, without which we would only have big things, is the focus of this show.

Miniature Dioramas in Box Frames

Remember that drive in the country where there was a bunch of black and white cows with the mountains forming a beautiful backdrop and you kept on driving because, well, auto pilot had kicked in ages ago and no way were you going to stop, but for a minute or two the image of the cows remained in 3 dimensions in your mind. That is one of those little things. Another time, a warm afternoon, early summer at the beach, a slight breeze and the sound of the surf a sleepy white noise drifting in and out of your mind, its like a dream, staring at the water, the rocks, and you close your eyes for a few seconds. The impression of that dream stays there for a bit. Thats another one. A peaceful little thing.These are things I could not photograph or paint. Writing about them seemed as fleeting as a dream and fell through my mind like clocks made of sand. So, like making a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with no picture and it seems like maybe there is seven different puzzles all in the one box, I made stuff up, fit the pieces together and tried to make something that represents the moment you drove past years ago.

Made with toys, anything small in my drawers, found items and Resin. Able to be purchased of course, prices from $160 – 700. Get in touch if you’re interested.