• Kirkjufell

  • Hastings Pier

  • Venice

  • Tower Bridge

  • Kaminisk Bistrica

  • Lighthouse Beach Sunset

  • The Pier

  • The Lighthouse Dolphin

  • DC3 at Mangawheka

  • Wave at Flatrock

  • The Steers from Tims Hill

  • Jarrah at East Cape - NZ

  • Early Morning- Mt Kaputar

  • The Manuka Forest

  • Ellen

  • Storm over Fairy Hill

  • Wave at Lighthouse Beach

  • Lennox Head - Back of the Waves

Dallas Nock

Artist and Photographer. Studied Fine Arts at the National Art School in Sydney, Graduated 1980.

Exhibiting and shooting ever since.

Instagram @dallasnock_photography


The art of using your eyes

This site is a collection of images that I have shot over the last few years, some are very recent and some just seem like yesterday.

From here on, you can just watch if you like. Follow me on instagram @ dallasnock_photography

Small World

An Exhibition

Miniature Dioramas in Box Frames – Made with toys, anything small in my drawers, found items and Resin. Able to be purchased of course, prices from $160 – 700. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Exhibition 2018

September 2018

Local shots, the ocean, weather, late light, and then some other work from places that aren’t around where I live.  The work is mostly from the last year or so although there are a few older shots that deserved being there with the new guys. I like to shoot landscape, love weather and the darker it gets the more I like it. Studies of movement play a big part in what I shoot, as well as the amazing light that just sometimes make you stop and thank the universe for being alive.

New Work 2017

New Work 2017/18

I had a lot of fun at Art School and learning how to look at the world with a creative eye has taught me how to live. I’m still enjoying it. I keep expecting I’ll have to get a job one day.

The images on the site are all about how I see things.


Images from Australia

Australia…you definitely have to see it, it is big so you’ll need a bit of time. Here is some of what I have seen. The people are honest, the landscape is unruly.



There is plenty to see In Europe….Pale Skies, History, Colourful Cities and towns and some amazing scenery.


Same Same but different

New Zealand

The land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa, Kiwi-ville, Nu Zilan. Whatever you call it, it is a great place to visit. Its quirky, beautiful, has less rules than some other places, it is incredibly picturesque and has a funny accent. Yes, I would recommend this country to a friend.

Relax with a few short videos….